Sentence Examples

  • Most facilities have specially designed music systems so that patients can wear headsets and listen to music during the scan; some facilities even have special video goggles so children can watch a cartoon or movie during the scan.
  • This site is a good bet, not just because they offer the Oakley Wisdom Ski Goggles in a matte black frame and a high intensity blue lens, but because they go the extra mile in describing the innovative technology that is utilized by Oakley.
  • If you need prescription swim goggles (for those who wear glasses but never wear contact lenses), you can have those custom made or purchase a pair with a simple prescription, such as -1.00 or -2.00 (much how reading glasses are sold).
  • Not only can you count on Speedo to provide quality goggles, you can trust that the latest swim technology has been incorporated into their product, ensuring that you're receiving only the best underwater eye protection available.
  • Motorcycle Superstore is filled with motorcycling gear such as tires and accessories, but within the "helmets and riding gear" section you'll find a great collection of OTG motorcycle goggles of many different colors and styles.