Sentence Examples

  • If you do wear bifocals, though, you may want to get the opinion of an optician before committing to a purchase, so visiting a brick-and-mortar store that offers Bellagio frames to try on a few pairs will be in your best interest.
  • Using the chart ahead of time and getting recommendations can send you in the right direction in those potentially overwhelming moments when you're browsing on your own while waiting for the optician to finish with another client.
  • His reputation grew rapidly, and in 1761 he was appointed optician to the king.
  • He visited England in 1748, and, in company with the earl of Morton and James Short the optician, continued his journey to Scotland, where he observed the annular eclipse of July 25.
  • We proceed to give an account of the methods and principles of construction of the various kinds of telescopes, and 1 Ayscough was an optician in Ludgate Hill, London.