Sentence Examples

  • Do yourself a favor and research-compare photos of the glasses you are purchasing with photos of those from the manufacturer, and make sure that there's a return policy on the specs just in case.
  • Users are welcome to leave their thoughts about the specific phones, so in addition to the basic reviews and specs that the site provides, you may be able to get even a wider range of opinions on the phones you're considering.
  • It's easy to be impressed by the specs of a smartphone, like the resolution of the screen, the amount of storage, and the speed of the processor, but perhaps the most important part of any modern smartphone are the apps.
  • Understanding both the size specs in grading up clothing in addition to the "fit" of the garments, makes Casual Male Retail Group the expert with over 30 years experience in the big and tall industry.
  • Note that manufacturers can change the specifications of the vehicles from year-to-year, making it important to look at specific year specs to find out which is the best option on the market.