Sentence Examples

  • This latter is absolute misery, and to cure it the Unconscious evokes its Reason and with its aid creates the best of all possible worlds, which contains the promise of its redemption from actual existence by the emancipation of the Reason from its subjugation to the Will in the conscious reason of the enlightened pessimist.
  • A value of stimulus, however, is soon reached which evokes a maximal contraction.
  • In the marsupials it is more evident, and its excitation by electric currents evokes movements in the musculature of the crossed side of the body.
  • In the case of the heart muscle this threshold stimulus evokes a beat as extensive as does the strongest stimulus; that is, the intensity of the stimulus, so long as it is above threshold value, is not a function of the amount of the muscular response.
  • Again, no single point in the cortex evokes the act of ocular convergence and fixation.