Sentence Examples

  • The equivalence of the four hydrogen atoms of methane rested on indirect evidence, e.g.
  • Hence the positions occupied by the nitro groups in the two different nitrobrombenzoic acids must be symmetrical with respect to the carboxyl group. In 1879, Hubner (Ann., 1 95, p. 4) proved the equivalence of the second pair, viz.
  • Disclosures strengthened the Federalists, until these, mistaking the popular resentment against France for a reaction against democracy - an equivalence in their own minds - passed the alien and sedition laws.
  • A special algebra is one which differs from ordinary algebra in the laws of equivalence which its symbols obey.
  • Equivalent terms, which are not necessarily identical or literal translations, were adopted for the English, French and German languages, the equivalence being closest and most systematic between the English and German terms.