Sentence Examples

  • That it was fully sanctioned by his intellect at maturity is evident; but the vindication of unbiased choice would not have been readily accepted had Disraeli abandoned Judaism of his own will at the pushing Vivian Grey period or after.
  • Yet Disraeli's range of observation must have been not only brief but limited when he sat down at twenty or twenty-one to write Vivian Grey.
  • His own strongly perceptive imagination (the gift in which he was to excel every other politician of his time) and the bent of political reading and aspiration from boyhood completed his equipment; and so the wonder that so young a man in Disraeli's social position should write a book like Vivian Grey is accounted for.
  • Soon after the publication of Vivian Grey, Disraeli, who is said by Froude to have been "overtaken by a singular disorder," marked by fits of giddiness ("once he fell into a trance, and did not recover for a week"), went with the Austens on a long summer tour in France, Switzerland and Italy.
  • The novels revived the success he had with Vivian Grey, and restored him to his place among the brilliancies and powers of the time.