Sentence Examples

  • In the peninsula, he signed the league of Venice in March 1495, and about the same time arranged a marriage between his son Philip and Joanna, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, king and queen of Castile and Aragon.
  • And 25° 54' S., and worked northward to the Joanna Springs, situated on the tropic of Capricorn and near the 124th meridian.
  • In 1496 Philip married Joanna of Aragon, who in 1500 became heiress apparent to Castile and Aragon.
  • On the death of Queen Isabel, Philip and Joanna succeeded to the crown of Castile and took up their residence in their new kingdom (January 1506).
  • In the following year, by the death, of Ferdinand of Aragon, his maternal grandfather, and the incapacity of his mother Joanna, who had become hopelessly insane, he succeeded to the crowns of Castile and Aragon, which carried with them large possessions in Italy and the dominion, of the New World of America.