Sentence Examples

  • If you find yourself envious of the folks competing on this weight loss reality show, you may have wondered how to become a contestant on The Biggest Loser.
  • Donating gives you a fuzzy feeling inside and unlocks different colored feathers, based on the amount you give, for you to proudly display to envious visitors.
  • Your coworkers and friends may wonder just what happened to your love handles over the weekend, or other men may be envious that you've maintained your slim and trim figure.
  • These lending practices would lead to their downfall, as the King became envious of their power and wealth, and when the Knights Templar refused to lend the King any more money, he decided to end the Knights Templar forever.
  • By being selective about the credit cards you apply for, you can enjoy a stress-free life and have a credit score that other people are envious of.