Sentence Examples

  • If the pressure alters as the water tank empties, a discontinuity occurs in the trace when the tank is refilled, and a fictitious element may be introduced into the diurnal variation.
  • This stream empties into the Humboldt lake, the overflow from which goes into the so-called Carson Sink.
  • The Saskatchewan, though not in the province, empties into Lake Winnipeg less than half a degree from the northern boundary.
  • Above sea-level, has a maximum depth of 93 fathoms, and empties itself at one end over a fall (Kegon) 250 ft.
  • The county is well watered by numerous streams. The principal are the Callan, the Tynan and the Tallwater, flowing into the Blackwater, which, after forming the boundary between this county and Tyrone, empties itself into the south-western angle of Lough Neagh.