Sentence Examples

  • Here the ice converges into the valleys and moves with increasing velocity in the form of glaciers into the fjords, where they break off as icebergs.
  • This is expressed by saying that the sequence converges to (x+h)" as its limit; it may be stated concisely in any of the three ways, (x+h) n =lim(x"+n(1)xn-lh+....+ n(T)xn-rhr+��.),(x+h)n =lim Sr, Sr. (x+h)n.
  • Even in this case the series converges sufficiently to give the value of the root with considerable accuracy, while for higher values of m it is all that could be desired.
  • - The principal places on the coast are Massawa, pop. about 10,000, the chief seaport of the colony, Assab, chief town of the Danakil region, to which converges the trade from Abyssinia across the Aussa country, and Zula, identified with the ancient Adulis.
  • ” If in the infinite continued fraction of the second class an?bn+i for all values of n, it converges to a finite limit not greater than unity.” 3.