Sentence Examples

  • Every convergent is nearer to the value of the whole fraction than any preceding convergent.
  • The two legs of a parabolic branch may converge to ultimate parallelism, as in the conic parabola, or diverge to ultimate parallelism, as in the semi-cubical parabola y 2 = x 3, and the branch is said to be convergent, or divergent, accordingly; or they may tend to parallelism in opposite senses, as in the cubical parabola y = x 3 .
  • When the waves are convergent and the recipient screen is placed so as to contain the centre of convergency - the image of the original radiant point, the calculation assumes a less complicated form.
  • Man and monkeys alone possess parallel and convergent vision of the two eyes, while a divergent, and consequently a very widely extended, vision is a prerogative of the lower mammals; squirrels, for instance, and probably also hares and rabbits, being able to see an object approaching them directly from behind without turning their heads.
  • Ina word, wood-100+10 &c., in (6) and 2-?-4+a &c., in (5) are convergent series, and I I I I and I are the limits to which they respectively approximate.] (7) So long as anything is in one and the same space, it is at rest.