Sentence Examples

  • Emerson declares that " the impulse to seek proof of immortality is itself the strongest proof of all."
  • Emile Montegut translated Essais de philosophie americaine (1850) from Emerson; Revolution de 1688 (2 vols.
  • Stripped of its definitely miraculous character, the doctrine of the inner light may be regarded as the familiar mystical protest against formalism, literalism, and scripture-worship. Swedenborg, though selected by Emerson in his Representative Men as the typical mystic, belongs rather to the history of spiritualism than to that of mysticism as understood in this article.
  • Examples of this are men like Novalis, Carlyle and Emerson, in whom philosophy may be said to be impatient of its own task.
  • Emerson, the poets Bryant, Longfellow, pre-eminently Whittier and Whitman, have spoken on this theme with no uncertain sound.