Sentence Examples

  • McKinley's conduct and utterances in his last days revealed a loftiness of personal character that everywhere elicited admiration and praise.
  • So far as it was accompanied by warnings, these were evidently general rather than elicited by any definite and imminent peril to the churches.
  • No single act of the Mutiny elicited such a storm of fierce anger among the British, both those who were fighting in India and those who supported them at home; for none was a more terrible vengeance taken, though the Nana himself escaped from his pursuers.
  • Drafted by the Boer executive, which, before it was received in its entirety, or at least before it was clearly understood, elicited from Mr Schreiner a letter on the 7th of July to the South African News, in which, referring to his government, he said: " While anxious and continually active with good hope in the cause of securing reasonable modifications of the existing representative system of the South African Republic, this government is convinced that no ground whatever exists for active interference in the internal affairs of that republic."
  • Hence, one of the leading Proper elicited in the laboratory with what was observed in the sun.