Sentence Examples

  • One other important note when conjugating reflexive verbs is that in past tenses where the verb requires an auxiliary verb such as passé composé, reflexive verbs always take être.
  • Also on Quia, a series of activities allow students of French to practice reflexive verbs through using digital flashcards, word searches, and word matching games created by a Quia user named Mademoiselle Smith.
  • The first two exercises: Reflexive Pronouns and Reflexive Pronouns and Verbs enable students to learn to associate the French subject pronouns with the proper reflexive pronoun and the correct verb form.
  • French reflexive verbs are a difficult subject for French learners to master, but French grammar and reflexive verb exercises can help you to perfect this challenging aspect of the French language.
  • The reason French grammar and reflexive verb exercises are so difficult for native English speakers learning French is because the structure is very different in French and in English.