Sentence Examples

  • One other important note when conjugating reflexive verbs is that in past tenses where the verb requires an auxiliary verb such as passé composé, reflexive verbs always take être.
  • This quiz will enable you to perfect a usage of reflexive verbs that is quite common in daily language usage, but is not often focused on in French classes and textbooks.
  • Reciprocal verbs are the same as reflexive verbs in all grammatical aspects however, instead of the subject and object being the same, there are two subjects.
  • A final check is to match the subject pronoun to the reflexive pronoun and verb, followed by the rest of the sentence; the end result is a complete, grammatical, sentence in which the reflexive verb is used correctly.
  • Also on Quia, a series of activities allow students of French to practice reflexive verbs through using digital flashcards, word searches, and word matching games created by a Quia user named Mademoiselle Smith.