Sentence Examples

  • A "sticker sneeze" occurs when an otherwise beautiful layout is accessorized with a hodge-podge of random stickers that appear to be floating between photos, journaling, and other page elements.
  • When she sneezes, she is starting to leave snot on the carpets and walls and everywhere and it is getting hard to keep cleaning it every time I hear a sneeze come from her.
  • Ashlee Simpson vs. Her Old Nose - Shaun White died when his head was bashed in by a flying tomato, and the Old Nose caught it when Ashley shoved a stool and bucket into the nostrils, creating a murderous sneeze.
  • Not as much an advanced trick as an interesting one, touch your dog's nose at any time to make him or her sneeze.
  • Should the dust irritate the nasal lining to some extent, a cat, much like a human, will produce a sneeze to expel the foreign substance.