Sentence Examples

  • BL.) The works of Huss are usually classed under four heads: the dogmatical and polemical, the homiletical, the exegetical and the epistolary.
  • The principles of interpretation on which he proceeded were, to import nothing into Scripture, but to draw out of it everything that it really contained, in conformity with grammaticohistorical rules; not to be hampered by dogmatical considerations; and not to be influenced by the symbolical books.
  • A considerable section of the priesthood demanded some dogmatical reforms, including the abolition of celibacy, the introduction of the vernacular into the Church services, and a more democratic administration of Church affairs.
  • Men had become weary of Protestant scholasticism; religious wars had made peaceful thinkers seek to take the edge off dogmatical rancour; and the multiplicity of religious sects, coupled with the complete failure of various attempts at any substantial reconciliation, provoked distrust of the common basis on which all were founded.

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