Sentence Examples

  • Hamilton in a memoir on " Fluctuating Functions," Roy.
  • In the latter case the organization seems to become plastic, and we have much fluctuating variability.
  • The high and heavy cars, the high speeds, the severe weather in the northern states in winter, the fluctuating nature of the business, resulting often in the employment of poorly qualified men and in other irregularities, are among the causes of this state of things.
  • In March 1646 a cessation of hostilities was arranged between Ormonde and the Catholics; and O'Neill, furnished with supplies by the papal nuncio, Rinuccini, turned against the Scottish parliamentary army under General Monro, who had been operating with fluctuating success in Ireland since April 1642.
  • The entire tusks are sometimes used for decorative purposes, and are of considerable, though fluctuating, value.