Sentence Examples

  • The conversion of Lithuania deprived the Order of its mission: the union of Lithuania to Poland robbed it of the security which it enjoyed while they were disunited, and gave new strength to Poland, a constant enemy to the Order which had deprived it of any outlet on the Baltic. Internally, too, the Order suffered.
  • Until 1127, however, the Mahommedans of northern Syria were disunited among themselves.
  • Moreover, its prefects, since they were two and liable to be disunited, and since they could not be senators, neither combined with the In permanent forts and fortresses, praetorium probably denoted strictly a residence: the official headquarters building (though commonly styled praetorium by moderns) was the principia.
  • The new constitution of the 10th of August 1772, which Gustavus imposed upon the terrified estates at the bayonet's point, converted a weak and disunited republic into a strong but limited monarchy, in which the balance of power inclined,.
  • He failed, however, to convince two prominent members of his cabinetLord Stanley and the duke of Buccleuchthat protection must be finally abandoned, and considering it hopeless to persevere with a disunited cabinet he resigned office.