Sentence Examples

  • The succeeding years of disunion and misrule under the Danes explain the belated affection with which his countrymen came to regard him.
  • Disunion, however, was at work in the rebel camp. The Gauls and Germans, who had withdrawn from the main body, were attacked and destroyed.
  • The convention adjourned to Baltimore, where the Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland delegations left it, and where Douglas was nominated for the presidency by the Northern Democrats; he campaigned vigorously but hopelessly, boldly attacking disunion, and in the election, though he received a popular vote of 1,376,957, he received an electoral vote of only 12 - Lincoln receiving 180.
  • Second period of the union, disunion and reunion of Castile and Leon from Fernando I.
  • On the 3rd of June 1850 a convention, known as the Southern or Nashville Convention, whose action was generally considered a threat of disunion, met here to consider the questions at issue between the North and the South.