Distill Definition

distilled, distilling, distills, distils
To cause or allow to fall in drops.
Webster's New World
To subject to, or purify or refine by, distillation.
To distill water.
Webster's New World
To remove, extract, or produce by distillation.
To distill whiskey.
Webster's New World
To be produced as the essence of something.
Webster's New World
To purify, refine, or concentrate as if by distillation.
To distill one's style.
Webster's New World

Origin of Distill

  • Middle English distillen from Old French distiller from Latin distillāre variant of dēstillāre to trickle dē- de- stillāre to drip (from stilla drop)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Old French distiller, from Latin distillare

    From Wiktionary

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