Sentence Examples

  • Publicized reports about New Moon movie production included directorial, budget, script and casting issues including the possibility of recasting the pivotal role of Jacob.
  • She recently made her directorial debut with Dealbreakers, a short film that was widely praised at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.
  • His first major film role came from fellow actor, Tim Roth, in Roth's 1999 directorial debut of The War Zone.
  • From 1803 to 1814 the canton was one of the six "Directorial" cantons of the Confederation.
  • Concurrently with these undertakings, he steadily prepared to strengthen his position in the political life of France; and it will be well to notice the steps by which he ensured the defeat of the royalists in France and the propping up of the directorial system in the coup d'etat of Fructidor 1797.