Sentence Examples

  • Blog programs can include web-based programs like Blogger or LiveJournal, but they are not designed for educational purposes, nor do they offer the supervisory features you'll want in place for elementary students.
  • The character of Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan seems to have taken page from Moore's history.  Like Moore, Morgan was an assertive young athlete, who was raised by a single mom and rode an athletic scholarship to college.
  • In 1892-1893 text-books and supplies were first furnished free to pupils in the grades; and in the same year supervisory work was introduced.
  • The supervisory lamp associated with the peg in the wanted subscriber's jack glows from the time that the peg is inserted until the subscriber responds, when it darkens, in which condition it remains until the subscriber restores the receiver to the hook and causes the lamp to light up again.
  • Although the former of these lays stress upon the fact that the sheriff's supervisory powers are universal many men did not attend his tourn.