Sentence Examples

  • His work, which extends from 1591 (1000) to 1659 (Iwo), contrasts strongly with that of the earlier historian, being written with great directness and lucidity, combined with much vigour and picturesqueness.
  • He tells his fable and draws the moral with businesslike directness and simplicity; his language is terse and clear, but thoroughly prosaic, though it occasionally attains a dignity bordering on eloquence.
  • The things that each most admired in the other were selfreliance, directness, moral courage.
  • Per £, it has been felt more heavily, and at this height is decidedly less elastic. As regards this tax at least there is no question of its "directness" in a sense, .as it is so contrived that it can hardly be passed on by those who are struck at, though they are not always the same as those who pay in the first instance, as has already been pointed out.
  • The Pfahlgraben is remarkable for the extraordinary directness of its southern part, which for over 50 m.