Sentence Examples

  • Her relations with the new empress were not of a cordial nature, though she continued devotedly loyal.
  • His interests were secular and he was certainly proud and ambitious; but Stubbs has pictured the fairer side of his character when he observes that Beaufort "was merciful in his political enmities, enlightened in his foreign policy; that he was devotedly faithful, and ready to sacrifice his wealth and labour for the king; that from the moment of his death everything began to go wrong, and 'went worse and worse until all was lost."
  • He was the first cousin of the Buddha, and was devotedly attached to him.
  • Many scholars are of opinion that the unknown author was a Sadducee, 1 but all that can be said with certainty is that he was a Palestinian Jew devotedly attached to the national cause.
  • He joined the Society of Jesus in 1736, and in 1749 proceeded to Paraguay, where for eighteen years he worked devotedly first among the Guaranis, and then among the Abipones.