Sentence Examples

  • This creates rapid variations in electric and magnetic force round the antenna and detaches energy from it in the form of an electric wave.
  • This consists of a few xylem elements, e a a segment of phloem, pericycle, and usually an arc of h~s endodermis, which closes round the bundle as it detaches ~
  • The wetter off touches the top of the neck of the bottle with a moistened piece of iron and by tapping the blowing iron detaches the bottle and drops it into a wooden trough.
  • In length) from the common fowl detaches its four or five segments into the intestine, where they attain a length of 2 trim., and a breadth of 1.25; that is, more than twice the size of the parent.
  • Being more limited in subject and more independent as a work of literary art, this essay detaches itself from the main body of the Discorsi, and has attracted far more attention.