Sentence Examples

  • In the aftermath of Michael Jackson's sudden death in June of 2009, all things MJ were once again brought into the spotlight, from collectors' item tickets to his now defunct London concert tour to vintage t-shirts and LPs.
  • You can also get software, such as Radio Tower, which will give you all the software you need to play any radio station you might come across, and will help you sort out the poorer quality or now defunct stations.
  • This show appears on E! and follows the star around on her day to day activities as she cares for her children and puts a lot of energy into dispelling rumors about her defunct marriage to Charlie Sheen.
  • One of his measures, by which New Granada became responsible for the half of the debts of the defunct republic of Colombia, gave serious offence to a large party, and he was consequently succeeded not, as he desired, by Jose Maria Obando, but by a member of the opposition, Jose Ignacio de Marquez.
  • Of the museum, which originally belonged to the defunct Banff Institution and was afterwards taken over by the town council, Thomas Edward - the "working naturalist," whose life was so sympathetically written by Samuel Smiles - was curator for a few years.