Sentence Examples

  • " They endeavoured to enable the English reader to follow the correspondences of the original with the closest exactness, to catch the solemn repetition of words and phrases, to mark the subtleties of expression, to feel even the strangeness of unusual forms of speech."
  • However, it is made clear as the result of an elaborate examination that the generality of these correspondences cannot be affirmed.'
  • Functions, operations, transformations, substitutions, correspondences, are but names for various types of relations.
  • These notions were shadows of the ideas, and the Ars Magna furnished him with a general scheme, according to which their relations and correspondences should be exhibited.
  • In following the discovery of the law of recapitulation among palaeontologists we have clearly stated the chief contribution of palaeontology to the science of ontogeny - namely, the correspondences and differences between FIG.