Sentence Examples

  • His life corresponded in all points to his principles.
  • He still corresponded with the king, and returned again to London next year, but in May 1765, after the duke of Cumberland's failure to form an administration, Grenville exacted the promise from the king, which appears to have been kept faithfully, that Bute should have no share and should give no advice whatever in public business, and obtained the dismissal of Bute's brother from his post of lord privy seal in Scotland.
  • From 1526 he had corresponded with Oecolampadius, who in 1529 invited him to Basel, which Erasmus.
  • The arrangements made by the allies in accordance with the treaty of Paris (June I 2, 1814) and the Final Act of the congress of Vienna (June 9, 1815), imposed on Italy boundaries which, roughly speaking, corresponded to those of the pre-Napoleonic era.
  • The programme of Depretis corresponded only in part to these expectations.