Sentence Examples

  • Roloff Farms is located just outside of Portland, Oregon, in a town called Helvetia.
  • The farm is located in Helvetia, Oregon, a rural area outside the city of Portland.
  • Diocletian added Helvetia, and part of Germania Superior to Sequania, which was now called Provincia maxima Sequanorum, Vesontio receiving the title of Metropolis civitas Vesontiensium.
  • In St Andrews he taught "John's Gospel" and a certain catechism - probably that which Wishart had got from "Helvetia" and translated; but his teaching was supposed to be private and tutorial and for the benefit of his friends' "bairns."
  • Under Augustus Helvetia (not so called till later times, earlier ager Helvetiorum) proper was included under Gallia Belgica.