Sentence Examples

  • (d) The correlative process of Combination is less elaborately sketched, but in a luminous passage in the Politicus (§ 278), in explaining by means of an example the nature and of examples, Plato represents it as the bringing use P ?
  • By the method of reciprocal polars) deduce from it the other, but we do at one and the same time demonstrate the two theorems; our (x, y, z.) instead of meaning point-co-ordinates pay, mean line-co-ordinates, and the demonstration is then in every step of it a demonstration of the correlative theorem.
  • The idea of the world as the totality of being is, like the correlative idea of God, only of regulative value; it is transcendent, as we never do more than make approaches to a knowledge of the sum of being.
  • On the other hand, the world can be known as the realm of antithesis, and it is the correlative of God.
  • Where there is the appearance of inherence, therefore, there is always a plurality of reals; no such correlative to substance as attribute or accident can be admitted at all.