Sentence Examples

  • - A one-one relation between the members of two classes a and 0 is any method of correlating all the members of a to all the members of 13, so that any member of a has one and only one correlate in 1 3, and any member of l3 has one and only one correlate in a.
  • For a one-one relation can be established between the members of a and a by the simple process of correlating each member of a with itself.
  • One end of the body, through contact, during locomotion, with fresh tracts of medium and other forms of stimuli, has become more specialized than the rest, and here the nervous system and sense-organs are more densely aggregated than elsewhere, forming a means of controlling locomotion and of correlating the activities of the inner organs with the varying stimuli that impinge upon the body.
  • In subdividing the strata of the Carboniferous system and correlating the major divisions in different areas, just as in other great systems, use has to be made of the fossil contents of the rocks; stratigraphical units, based on lithology, are useless for this purpose.