Sentence Examples

  • As men age, their hair follicles constrict, eventually growing shorter, finer hair and eventually ceasing to produce hair altogether, even though the follicles remain active.
  • If you are taking medicines for allergies or a cold, stay away from medicines that promote sleepiness as this can cause the throat to relax too much and constrict the airway.
  • If you plan to layer garments, consider buying your women's plus size rain coat one size larger than you normally wear for a roomy, comfortable fit that does not constrict your range of motion.
  • It is often most obvious in flash photographs; since the pupil is exposed to a lot of light and the duration of the exposure is so short, the pupil does not have time to constrict.
  • You either have to move the bra straps down your shoulders in order to expose your breasts, or you have to raise your bra, which can constrict your breasts causing you discomfort.