Sentence Examples

  • Two of the commonest British hydroids belong to this family, Obelia and Clytia.
  • The oldest and commonest method of shunting is that known as " push-and-pull," or in America as " link-and-pin " or " tail " shunting.
  • While stone is the material used in the construction of the majority of great buildings of London, some modern examples (notably the Westminster Roman Catholic cathedral) are of red brick with stone dressings; and brick is in commonest use for general domestic building.
  • With regard to incised chiselling, the commonest form is kebori (hair-carving), which may be called engraving, the lines being of uniform thickness and depth.
  • The commonest land-snails are those species which constitute the family Helicidae, order Pulmonata, sub-order Stylommatophora.