Sentence Examples

  • The Bulgarian losses out of perhaps 110,000 combatants numbered 15,000; those of the enemy, whose force was probably rather less, are not known with certainty, but are supposed to have been about 25,000 inclusive of prisoners.
  • At bottom the emperor Francis, perhaps also Metternich, wanted peace, but on terms which the exhaustion of the combatants would enable them to dictate.
  • When Horus grew ie set out to avenge his fathers murder, and after terrible ggles finally conquered and dispossessed his wicked uncle; is another version relates, the combatants were separated by th, and Egypt divided between them, the northern part ng to Horus and the southern to Seth.
  • All the combatants on either side were either dead or seriously wounded, Bramborough being among the slain.
  • Without them, lowly federal agents would still be in the dark in identifying the combatants in this dreadful war.