Sentence Examples

  • Agony tore through him as will combated magic, and he seized on the ground, helpless.
  • Such opinions, combated by bishops and councils, were due to the influence of the consolamentum of the Cathars.
  • The disease is due to poisoning by micro-organisms produced by deteriorated maize, and can be combated by care in ripening, drying and storing the maize.
  • Assuming then the leadership of the constitutional opposition, he combated the alliance between the Di Rudini cabinet and the subversive parties, criticized the financial schemes of the treasury minister, Luzzatti, and opposed the "democratic" finance of the first Pelloux administration as likely to endanger financial stability.
  • In this work he ably combated the views of Turgot and other European writers as to the viciousness of the framework of the state governments.