Sentence Examples

  • The French census uses the commune as the basis of its returns, and employs the following classifications in respect to communal population: (I) Total communal population.
  • At present, therefore, classifications of the Hydromedusae have a more or less tentative character, and are liable to revision with increased knowledge of the life-histories of these organisms. Many groups bear at present two names, the one representing the group as defined by polyp-characters, the other as defined by medusa-characters.
  • Delage and Herouard (Hydrozoa [2]) were the first to make an heroic attempt to unite the two classifications into one, to which Hickson (Hydrozoa [4]) has made some additions and slight modifications.
  • 52), referable to the family Clavidae; a fact sufficient to Indi a cate the tentative character of even the most modern classifications of this order.
  • One of the best known classifications on these lines is that by Warming.1 Warming recognized and defined four ecological classes as follows: Hydrophytes.These live in a watery or wet substratum, with at least 80% of water.