Sentence Examples

  • In the United Kingdom, Vodafone is known for keeping up with the latest in fashionable cell phones and their lineup reflects a dedication to not only keeping up with the latest designs, but also with the latest in technological innovations.
  • Founded in 1995 by Robert Greenberg, who also founded the LA Gear footwear line, Skechers started their lineup with skate shoes and Doc-Marten style utility boots geared towards the demands of young men and their fashion sense.
  • Although full-length Sesame Street episodes are not a regular feature on the Noggin lineup of shows, Play With Me Sesame is a regular show and is billed as an interactive Sesame Street program with a run time of thirty minutes.
  • Going through the company's official lineup, you'll discover that the first Sprint Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone also happens to be the only phone from the carrier that is currently powered by the new mobile operating system.
  • Women who desire something extremely elegant and glamorous may favor one of the more expensive styles in the lineup, while those who seek practicality from their bags might opt for a neutral, less ostentatious Bleecker bag.