Sentence Examples

  • While a leopard print ensemble might look a bit too catty, and gingham from head to toe might look a little too schoolgirl, a travel tote or shoulder bag with one of these prints can show off your playful or sweet side without overwhelming.
  • Whether you enjoy watching the strategy and spirit of competition on Survivor, tune in for the educational value of Ice Road Truckers, or prefer the catty drama of The Real Housewives, there is something for everyone on reality television.
  • Rumors of her catty behavior towards other models are always a hot topic, as was her 2000 attack on her personal assistant, Georgina Galanis.
  • What was supposed to be a basic promotional interview broke down into an exchange of catty insults and barbs between the two women.
  • The often very catty and very competitive fashion world seems to have received all of Lopez's lines of clothing pretty well.