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  • Laeliinae, with 22 genera, natives of the warmer parts of America, including three of those best known in cultivation, Epidendrum, Cattleya and Laelia.
  • The following is a select list of genera in cultivation: - Acineta Ada Aerides Angraecum Anguloa Anoectochilus Ansellia Arachnanthe Arpophyllum Barkeria Batemannia Bifrenaria Brassavola Brassia Brasso-Cattleya* Broughtonia Bulbophyllum Burlingtonia Calanthe Catasetum Cattleya Chysis Cirrhopetalum Cochlioda Coelia Coelogyne Comparettia Cycnoches Pachystoma Zygopetalum Palms. - These form charming table and drawing-room plants when quite young.
  • The adventurous orchid-hunter, however, has penetrated deeply into their recesses in search of choice varieties, and collectors of these valuable plants are largely indebted to Colombia for their specimens of Cattleya Mendelli, Warscewiczii and Trianae; Dowiana aurea; Odontoglossum crispum, Pescatorei, vexillarium, odoratum, coronarium, Harryanum, and blandum; Miltonia vexillaria; Oncidium carthaginense and Kramerianum; Masdevalliae, Epidendra, Schomburgkiae and many others.
  • The number of pollinia varies; thus, in Orchis there are usually two, in Cattleya four, and in Laelia eight.

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