By-accident Definition


Accidentally; unintentionally; without meaning to; as the result of an event not expected, aided, or designed by one's will.

Sorry. I knocked over the vase by accident.

As the result of some undesigned, unintended, unrelated, natural, or random occurrence; as the unexpected and unforeseen result of formerly unrelated factors.

The car got totaled by accident; a giant snowdrift fell off the church roof.
The only way that project still exists today is by accident; I thought we closed it years ago.
The scholar thinks the quote and the parable were spoken on different occasions and only by accident were brought together here.

By chance; unexpectedly; as the result of an unrelated series of events.

I hadn't seen her for years, but I ran into her by accident at the store.
She overheard the information by accident.

Accidental; as the result of some unforeseen happening or series of events; unexpected; resulting from an event without the foresight, expectation, aid, or design of the person by whose agency it was caused; unintentional.

The victim's death was by accident.
That the injury was by accident is not questioned.

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