Sentence Examples

  • From bivouac long after dawn, he marched forward, via Walhain.
  • At that moment Napoleon was in the midst of his troops, thousands of whom had made their bivouac-straw into torches in his honour.
  • The square was again heavily attacked, but the Arabs could not get to close quarters and in the evening a bivouac was formed on the Nile.
  • The troops nearest the enemy, however, which have to be maintained in a state of constant readiness for battle, cannot as a rule afford the time either for dispersing into quarters or for rallying on an alarm, and in western Europe at any rate they are required to bivouac. In India, the term "cantonment" means more generally a military station or standing camp. The troops live, not in private houses, but in barracks, huts, forts or occasionally camps.
  • Were settling down into bivouac; they were still but a short march from the decisive field.