Sentence Examples

  • The food items acceptable for back country backpacking excursions are very different from the choices that you can make if you are taking a trip in a recreational vehicle or if you will be tent camping at an improved campsite.
  • Special Needs of Fishing Enthusiasts: If you're camping trips often involve fishing, and you love to enjoy your fresh catch for dinner, it's a good idea to consider a grill basket that you can use to prepare your bounty at your campsite.
  • Whether it's a short weekend at a local campsite, or a long getaway in the heart of the mountains, there's a trailer that is perfectly suited to make your trip, and all of your future adventures, one to remember.
  • After an uncomfortable exchange, Rebecca returned to the tent and both women quickly got dressed and left the campsite in search of a more private place where the two could enjoy nature in peace.
  • If you are taking a grill with you, or if one will provided at the campsite where you are staying, you may want to take along meat and vegetables that can be cooked over an open fire.