Sentence Examples

  • Battle - The Trojans encamp on the field.
  • It is now, however, customary to go right on and encamp at once at Arafa.
  • Andorra comprises the six parishes or communes of Andorra Vicilla, Canillo, Encamp, La Massana, Ordino and San Julian de Loria, which are subdivided into fifty-two hamlets or pueblos.
  • The money is found in a" bag "as the brothers encamp (xlii.
  • Their dwellings for the most part are either bowers, formed of the branches of trees, or hovels of piled logs, loosely covered with grass or bark, which they can erect in an hour, wherever they encamp. But some huts of a more substantial form were seen by Captain Matthew Flinders on the south-east coast in 1799, and by Captain King and Sir T.