Sentence Examples

  • HCFA is responsible for auditing the records of health care providers who have received program dollars to ensure they are both billing for the appropriate amount and are providing adequate levels of care to Medicare patients.
  • This was both costly and presented difficulties since long-distance defenses are communicationally challenged, not to mention expensive, both in long distance phone charges and attorneys billing by the minute for update calls.
  • An ExxonMobil credit card provides consumers and businesses the convenience of purchasing gasoline without having to carry cash as well as other benefits including rebates, discounts and detailed monthly billing statements.
  • The software also has significant advantages if you do regular billing such as installment payments or monthly subscriptions, since it can automatically set these up and even integrate with your order fulfillment systems.
  • If you have no desire to go to medical school or even complete a nursing program but you want to have a hand in helping people in the medical field, consider working in billing or become a health information technician.