Sentence Examples

  • They make a virtue of the nature of B-movie qualities, with cheesy special effects, less-than-stellar actors, trite plot lines, and a list of titles that is amazing in its range of science fiction stereotypes.
  • Dorothy Lamour: World War II pin-up, singer and backup to Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in the Road to... series of films, Lamour was the quintessential B-movie actor during her era.
  • The only feel I got from this movie was an uneasy rumbling in my tummy which caused a quick sprint to the bathroom to release the sub b-movie demons from my intestines.
  • Well, Tiffany liked being on the B list and now has a cult following of B-Movie (I think they're trying to call it "Indie Horror" now…) fans around the world.
  • While some stars seem to achieve overnight success, many of Hollywood's top names toiled in B-movie purgatory before hitting it big.