Capitalization Tests

Updated May 18, 2020
Capitalization Tests

    It's important to know when to use uppercase letters and when to use lowercase letters in English. Below, you will find two capitalization tests for study purposes. Each one covers a different set of capitalization rules, so they are suitable for different levels of students.

    Testing on Capitalization Rules

    The first of the two capitalization tests will cover the basic rules of capitalization. These rules cover:

    "I"; the first word of a sentence; days; months; names of people, family members, places, buildings, and organizations.

    Also included are rules about:

    historical events, eras, and documents; directions; titles of groups of people; and titles of books, newspapers, magazines, plays, television shows, movies, and more.


    Capitalization Quiz - Level A

    The capitalization quiz is separated into two main sections.

    Section A: Capitalization Errors

    Instructions: Put a "C" if the sentence has no capitalization errors. Put an "X" if the sentence has any capitalization errors

    1. _____ I saw Stonehenge in England.
    2. _____ On Saturday, I like to eat Italian food.
    3. _____ My favorite book is Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire.
    4. _____ I give blood when the red cross holds a blood drive in my area.
    5. _____ My sister works for the Boston Globe.
    6. _____ do you know when the iron age started?
    7. _____ Mary and her sister sue went to the opera.
    8. _____ Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.
    9. _____ The American civil war was a dark time in our history.
    10. _____ The Republicans and Democrats will debate the issues.

    Section B: Capitalization Practice

    Instructions: Circle the words that need a capital letter.

    a trip around the world would be fun. it would be cold in antarctica and hot in the bahamas. you would meet germans, italians, and swedes in europe. it would be interesting to visit egypt and see the great pyramid of giza, the sphinx and the nile river. you could get ideas about where to go from the book journeys of a lifetime or watch the travel channel. lastly, you could visit the sites of famous events, like the boston tea party, the battle of waterloo or where the magna carta was signed.

    capitalization quiz A questions

    Capitalization quiz questions

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    Answers to Level A Quiz

    Section A:

    1. C
    2. C
    3. X
    4. X
    5. C
    6. X
    7. X
    8. C
    9. X
    10. C

    Section B:

    A trip around the world would be fun.It would be cold in Antarctica and hot in the Bahamas. You would meet Germans, Italians, and Swedes in Europe. It would be interesting to visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Nile River. You could get ideas about where to go from the book Journeys of a Lifetime or watch the Travel Channel. Lastly, you could visit the sites of famous events, like the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Waterloo, or where the Magna Carta was signed.


    Capitalization Quiz - Level B

    The second of the two capitalization tests are more comprehensive and cover all rules of capitalization including:

    solar system, names of businesses, school subjects, quotes, poems, opening and closing of letters, and outlines.

    Section A: Advanced Capitalization Practice

    Instructions: Circle the words that need a capital letter in the following outline, poem and letter.

    I. animals of the rainforest

    A. mammals

    1. monkeys

    i am a poet

    i did not know it,

    my feet show it.

    they are long fellows.

    dear mr. wilson smith,

    i regret that kevin and i will not be able to attend your retirement part at harry's house of hoses.

    truly yours,

    mary jones

    Section B: Incorrect Capitalization

    Instructions: Put an X by the sentences that are not capitalized correctly.

    1. _____ I would like more facts about Mars and Jupiter, but not the earth.
    2. _____ I am taking Geology 2 at school and maybe a math class.
    3. _____ She said, "he will never agree!"
    4. _____ He lives in the Pacific northwest.
    5. _____ The last Ice Age ended 10,000 years ago.
    6. _____ Christians and muslims don't agree about some things.
    7. _____ Bill Gates started microsoft and is a wealthy man.
    8. _____ I saw a play called Annie Get Your Gun.
    9. _____ The movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory was entertaining.
    10. _____ Columbus never saw the Indian ocean.
    capitalization quiz B questions

    Capitalization quiz b questions

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    Answers to Level B Quiz

    Section A:

    I. Animals of the rainforest

    A. Mammals

    1. Monkeys

    I am a poet

    I did not know it,

    My feet show it.

    They are long fellows.

    Dear Mr. Wilson Smith,

    I regret that Kevin and I will not be able to attend your retirement party at Harry's House of Hoses.

    Truly yours,

    Mary Jones

    Section B:

    Numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10 are incorrect.

    A Capital Lesson

    Think you've got a great grasp on when you should be using uppercase letters in your writing? Think you still need a little more practice? Check out these free capitalization worksheets that explore the lesson further, but this set of capitalization worksheets for grade 1 students.