Sentence Examples

  • The program was retained in the BBC archives, but never commercially exploited in terms of either a DVD or VHS release.
  • Douglas Adams, the late author of the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio shows, books, and BBC TV series once wrote of the way he figured out how to get his characters out of a tough fix he'd written them into.
  • University of Toronto and BBC French Steps offer easy french pronunciation instruction.French pronunciation isn't always easy, but there are certainly easier words and places to speak to make it less difficult to learn.
  • While we tend to think of the United States for their diverse array of soap operas, the truth of the matter is that soaps have been associated with the British Broadcasting Network (BBC) since the beginning.
  • In the Harry Dresden novels, Merlin is a character who leads the White Council and in the BBC series of the same name, Merlin is a young man, newly coming into his powers and discovering his destiny.