Sentence Examples

  • A quick check with your local BBB office and your state's Attorney General office can shed a lot of light on things, and a Google search for the organization name and "scam", "complaint" and other similar terms doesn't hurt either.
  • Whenever you buy luxury watches from any retailer, make sure you are getting an authentic Tissot watch by verifying that the business is listed with the better business bureau, such as through the BBB Online accreditation program.
  • A lack of complaints does not guarantee that the broker has never been complained about, but at least a review of the BBB website will reveal any recent issues that may be red flags.
  • While the BBB does not handle legal matters directly, they can point consumers in the right direction and inform law enforcement of any suspicious or illegal business activities.
  • The line T on the surface bbb has for the instant no velocity it a direction perpendicular to AB; becau2e for the instant it touches, without sliding, the line T on the fixed surface aaa.