Sentence Examples

  • The format of their data, however, may not be as easy-to-use as the formats used on various financial data websites.A good place to start for Libor rate history is the website of the British Bankers' Association (BBA).
  • Here's how it works: The BBA asks Banks A, D, Q and R who all lend in United States Dollars what they would charge Bank B to borrow funds in United States Dollars for a specific term (such a 6-month loan).
  • British Banking Association - The BBA website includes historical Libor rates back to January 1986 for United States Dollars as well as nine other international currencies.
  • To get the 6-month Libor Eurodollar rate at these same banks, the BBA would ask these banks what they would charge Bank B to borrow funds in Eurodollars for six months.
  • The Libor interest rates are determined each London business day by the British Bankers' Association (BBA) as a composite of at least eight major banks in London.