Cyberpornography definition

Pornography distributed on the Internet.
(legal term) Cyberpornography is the act of using cyberspace to create, display, distribute, import, or publish pornography or obscene materials, especially materials depicting children engaged in sexual acts with adults. Cyberpornography is a criminal offense, classified as causing harm to persons. One of the biggest publicized catches of child pornography perpetrators was launched in May 2002 and called Operation Ore. After the FBI accessed the credit card details, email addresses, and home addresses of thousands of pornographers accessing a British child pornography site, the particulars were given to the British police for investigation. The arrest of a computer consultant in Texas led to an international investigation that jailed Thomas Reedy for 1,335 years for running the pornography ring. About 1,300 other perpetrators were also arrested, including teachers, child-care workers, social workers, soldiers, surgeons, and 50 police officers. As a result, 40 children, 28 of them in London, were placed under protective care. Police say that many child pornography sites are run from Eastern Europe. Schell, B.H., and Lanteigne, N.M. Stalking, Harassment, and Murder in the Workplace: Guidelines for Protection and Prevention. Westport, CT: Quorum, 2000; BBC News. Operation Ore: Can the UK Cope? [Online, January 13, 2003.] BBC News Website. http://

Origin of cyberpornography